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Coming Home activity pack for T A P E Collective

I desiged an activity pack as part of a commission from T A P E Collective. This was shared with audiences during their UK wide tour of But Where Are You Really From, a series of short films by people of mixed heritage exploring notions of home

Home can feel like a mythical place, but what if it already exists within ourselves, and how can we find it?

Our story began a long long time ago, and there is a richness and breadth of human experience we can draw on to ground us in the present. But it’s also about reconnecting with nature which humans are often portrayed as distinct and apart from. Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Nhat Hanh uses the term ‘interbeing’ to describe the interconnectedness with one another and nature from which we’ve arisen.

I designed this pack to take people on a journey home to themselves through memory, reconnection, and storytelling. Although the themes may resonate with anyone, it was designed particularly with diasporic communities in mind, for whom home can be more challenging to place.

The pack was written and designed by myself with editorial assistance and support from Jessica El Mal.


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