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In, Among and Between من إلى عن على في - ONCA gallery 26/11/21 – 28/01/22

A.MAL Collective were commissioned by ONCA to deliver a new exhibition in honour of International Lost Species Day - In, Among and Between من إلى عن على في. As well as exhibiting new and existing works, we also made a publication which you can buy here.

The exhibition focused on both extinct species – for example the Barbary lion – and endangered species such as the sea cucumber, sardines and red algae species. Capitalism, which is inherently racial and exploitative, has fuelled these losses and follows a trail back to European and colonial influence and the desire to extract and hunt the ‘exotic’. We explored the ways in which this plays out in neocolonial and paternalistic relations between the Global North and South today through a series of films, sound pieces, and extensive research hanging from acetate boards.

As part of the exhibition, Lydia Heath - curator of the gallery - hosted us for an artists talk which you can view here.


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