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International Lost Species Day screening - 30/11/2021

On 30th November - in honour of International Lost Species Day, me, Elodie Sacher and Younes El Hossaini (of 560Zoom) screened our films as part of Red Gold Reflections, a series of events A.MAL collective ran for Dardishi.

We showed 4 short films exploring the interconnectivity of colonialism, injustice, and the inevitable extinction and near-extinction of species in North Africa such as red algae and the barbary lion. Through storytelling, archives, and investigations into the biochemistry of red algae, we attempted to honour these species on International Lost Species Day. I screened two of my films - The Animals, the Plant and the Stranger, and From the Shores of Al Jadida (a collaboration with Younes El Hossaini and Elodie Sacher of 560Zoom).

The films were the culmination of a five month residency myself and four other artists from North Africa and the diaspora participated in, using red algae species as a starting point to explore wider sustainability relations between the Global North and South. As part of Red Gold Reflections, I also ran another event for Dardishi alongside Elodie Sacher - Working With Family Archives. We also exhibited our works at the P21 Gallery from 28.10 - 06.11.2021.

With grateful support from Arts Council England, The British Council of Morocco, The National Lottery and Dardishi


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