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Machaho - A Berber folk tale

I was commissioned to write a piece about oral storytelling for a book by Algerian Scottish writer and filmmaker Carina Haoucine. The book documents and reimagines the first English translations of Amazigh folk stories. You can order a copy here

In my piece - '“A Man Went on a Journey” - Carrying Stories Through Voice' - I use the daily conversations I had with my dad during lockdown as a way of exploring the role of oral storytelling in my family. The voice has kept our memories and stories alive, and in my work and life I’m thinking about ways of sharing stories that honour these roots.

This was such a gorgeous opportunity to articulate and explore my research and position myself in relation to orality. It's also been an honour to be included in this book as the stories come from the Kabylie region in Algeria, where my ancestors are also from.

This project was funded by Grand Plan. With special thanks to Carina Haouchine for making this book happne.


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