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Stories That Lay In The Land: Panel discussion and film screening

As part of Arab Women Artists Now (AWAN) 2022 festival, I hosted a panel discussion and film screening on behalf of A.MAL Collective at Rich Mix in London on 12th March, with panelists Zainab Rahim and Alaa Alsaraji. Curated by our brilliant Jessica El Mal.

We invited Zainab Rahim and Alaa Alsaraji to share a discussion with myself, as well as screening their film The Land of 30 Million Palm Trees, and my film film The Animals, the Plant and the Stranger. Both explore similar themes of climate and ecology through family history, storytelling and using the voice as a carrier of our memories.

After sharing our films, we had a rich conversation about the interconnectivity of climate justice and colonialism, and using and holding archives. This fuelled a heartfelt discussion with the audience that touched on connecting to your heritage on your own terms, using remembrance as a tool for reconnection, and dreaming for a brighter future. The audio was recorded and will be released as a podcast later this year.


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