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A.MAL in residence at the CCA 17/01/2022 - 24/01/2022

A.MAL Collective were in residence at the CCA Gallery in Glasgow against the backdrop of our touring exhibition Red Gold

Myself, Jessica El Mal and Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan were in residence at the CCA gallery in Glasgow against the backdrop of the A.MAL touring exhibition Red Gold. This was the culmination of an online residency between the UK and Morocco using agar algae as a starting point to interrogate global relations and ecology.

As well as sharing our work in the city that hosted COP26, being physically in the space allowed us to set up a working table and reading room for ourselves and visitors. This blurred the boundaries between our process and research and the works on show, as well as between ourselves and others in the space. It opened up so many fruitful conversations with visitors and locals working in climate justice we’d specifically invited such as Glasgow Seed Library and Govanhill Baths.

We also held activities for one another as a way of exploring our research and continuing the conversation, all of which took place whilst people were in the gallery, inviting them into our process and becoming part of our discussion. Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan also held a public workshop - Intersections of a Materials Lab: Group Discussion - examining biological, parasitical, socio-cultural and historical materials. This created a space to respond, contrast, discuss and connect the relationships we have with materials inter-personally and collectively.

Two of my films were exhibited The Animals, the Plant and the Stranger, and From the Shores of Al Jadida - a collaboration with Elodie Sacher and Younes El Hossaini (of 560Zoom) alongside film, photography, and audio pieces by Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan, Ismail Zady, and Fatima Zohraserri - curated by Jessica El Mal.


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