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In, Among and Between publication

As part of A.MAL Collective's International Lost Species Day commission for Onca Arts - In, Among and Between من الى عن على في - we produced 'An Anthology of Artistic Research from A.MAL', a 100 page publication containing written and visual essays, fiction, and transcripts from some of the films in the exhibition - available to buy here.

This contextualises and expands on our work and research, exploring endangered and extinct species in the context of contemporary global power relations and climate justice, especially in North Africa. We pay homage to the ghosts of species like the Barbary lion, but also those at risk of disappearing like Moroccan red algae species and sardines - common in many pharmaceuticals, fabrics and vegan brands such as Alpro. This came together through cross-cultural exchange and interdependence - the same qualities that exist in the interconnectedness of ourselves and these species.

This contains transcripts from my film - The Animals, the Plant, and the Stranger - as well as works by Jessica El Mal, Elodie Sacher & Younes El Hossaini (of 560Zoom), and Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan. Designed by Imane Bensouda Koraichi.

As well as printing a limited run of 30 physical copies, it's also available to purchase digitally here.

With special thanks to Yasmine Ghazzali for translating my texts into Darija, Johann David Lankes (SuSeWi), Dr. Payam Mehrshahi (The Algal Innovation Centre, Cambridge University) The British Council of Morocco, ONCA arts, Persephone Pearl and Lydia Heath


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