Healing disconnection through untold stories, ritual and remembrance

Leila Gamaz standing with her back to the camera, in front of her film On The Shores Of Al Jadida

Photo credit: Ella Hunter

​Through a combination of interviews, archival research and collective exploration, I share stories that create opportunities for healing losses experienced by the diaspora. This encompasses memories of and held by landscapes, species, and bodies. I build on these collective stories of the past to help us dream and imagine alternative futures.

I have worked with Rich MixAzeema, DardishiAWANShado Magazine and Vittles.

I remember the life, labour, species and experiences of everyone and everything that has brought us to this moment, and made my existence and expression possible. This collective past is contained within and inextricably linked to everything you’ll see on my website. With thanks to my family, friends, ancestors, and from nature which I've arisen.

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