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coming home to ourselves through untold stories, ritual and remembrance

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Photo credit: Ella Hunter

 ​Algerian-British artist who uses embodiment, ritual and archival research to share untold stories that create waymarkers for the diasporic journey of homecoming. This encompasses both the tangible and intangible memories held in species, landscapes and people. I ritualise and remember our collective past, building upon it to imagine alternative futures.
Storytelling is an act of subversion for me - history is often told by those in a position to do so or has been actively erased. I think about how to disrupt this through my work, and to celebrate the voice of resistance which has kept our histories alive.

I have worked with, AzeemaDardishiAWANShado Magazine and Vittles. I'm a permanent studio resident at Pervasive Media Studios in Bristol.

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The presence and what and who has come before me has made this expression possible. With thanks to Allah, my beloveds and ancestors.

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